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Occupational Health and Safety For Animal Users

Program Requirements

The Occupational Health and Safety Program for Animal Users is overseen by Indiana University Environmental Health and Safety (IUEHS), with support from the IUB and IUPUI Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), the Vice President for Research, the Laboratory Animal Resources/Laboratory Animal Resource Center, and IUPUI Campus Health. This Program is designed to protect university staff, students, the public, and laboratory animals. Failure to complete and/or provide updates to the RA/MQ may result in suspension of the employee’s ability to work on an animal protocol or in an animal facility.

As part of this Program, the following items are required for all animal users with direct contact with animals, tissues, or animal by-products within IU facilities and all animal facility personnel:

  1. Complete the online Animal Care and Use Risk Assessment (RA) (completed within this app)
  2. Complete the online Medical Questionnaire (MQ) (completed within this app)
  3. Complete "Health and Safety Training for Animal Users" as described in the following section.
  4. Complete all other required training (e.g. Anesthetic Gas Training) as identified by RA.

Note: Training platforms may vary depending on training course and user group for item 4. Refer to the EHS Online Training Page for specific training information: EHS Training Note: You may submit the RA/MQ prior to training completion, but it will not be "approved" until this training is complete.

Health and Safety Training for Animal Users

For animal users that are researchers, Occupational Safety & Health for Animal Users (previously titled Laboratory Animal Allergen Training) Training may be completed within CITI.

For animal users that are non-researchers, they may refer to the EHS Online Training Page for the latest Canvas Training links: EHS Training and look for the subheading "Health and Safety Training for Animal Users".

Periodic Updates

All animal users are required to review and update their RA/MQ as their health status changes or on a periodic basis of every 3 years. Users enrolled in the program will receive an email notification and instructions when it is time to complete their periodic review.

E-mail anmlsfty@iu.edu with questions or concerns regarding the program requirements.

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